First blog post

cropped-n_l_mwo1.jpgMy younger brother, Steve, suggested I start a blog and share some of my “meanderings”. I shared a number of “poems” I had written. He thought they could be beneficial to share and so encouraged me to jump into the blogosphere. So, with some hesitation, here I am. I am not technologically savvy. My phone is a “smarter-than-me-phone”. I learned to type, many years ago, on a manual typewriter. So this is a major leap for me. I hope to challenge, encourage, amuse as I share my musings. I can attribute my “poetic” beginnings to a dear friend of mine, Mark Tappmeyer, Professor Emeritus of Southwest Baptist University. He is a poet, I am a poette. He suggested my creations are “pithy”. (I will share a poem about that later). They are unpolished creations and express a side of me that I hope will resonate with my readers.

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