I am not a fan of texting. But, I do engage in some. I have watched people text across a table rather than talk face-to-face. I watched, who I presumed to be a father, text while his daughter tried to engage him in verbal conversation. It was father’s day. My heart ached for her. I hope I never get to the point of disappearing into my “Smarter-than-me-phone” at the expense of real relationships. There is something special about eye-ball to eye-ball communication. A real wink is better than an emoji. The warmth of expression. The depth of emotion. Connection that is more than text, emojis, and tweets.

All Thumbs!

What happened to conversation?
What happened to eye-to-eye contact?
What happened to verbal greetings?
What is it like to see people smile?
What happened to relationships?
Relationally, we are all thumbs!
Say what?
Richard L. Brewer

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