Gossip: akin to assassination

Gossip wounds deeply. It is akin to assassination.
Like a murdering of another. Certainly, anti-loving.
I have done it. I am ashamed.
I have been convicted. I have repented.

I have been gossiped about. Oh, the pain.
On occasion, no big deal. Consider the source.
Other times like a blow to the gut. No wind returns for a very long time.
Gossip containing an element of truth, bad enough.
Gossip that has no substance, cuts even deeper.
Particularly when by those you know and trusted:
Who started, repeated, or believed it.
Worse, yet, to hear, “I am staying out of it”. Then, to learn,
The gossip started months ago. Stayed out of it!? Hardly.
Stirred up conflict. Roiling. Betrayed by one loved.
Kindles flames. Conflagration. Like arson to the soul.
Choice morsels to the gossiper. Poison to the victim.
Harms both: The one betrayed and the betrayer.
Absent of love.

I, too, have been there: The betrayer and the betrayed.
Stop the assaulting. Conviction! Oh, to be like Jesus.
To give a cup of cold water: Is to do unto Jesus.
To gossip: is to do unto Jesus.
Gossip: never benign. Sinful malign.
Richard L. Brewer