Concealed Arms

I am about as smart as the last opinion I just heard or the last thing I read. I am very reluctant to express my opinion for fear of being attack or ridiculed. But, at the risk of being attacked, I am going to throw in my two-cents worth. It is about the right to bare arms. I am not to the extreme to say never bare ones’ arms. But, should there not be safeguards? Not too long ago many people petitioned the city of Springfield for the right to bare breasts. What happens next as we consider the slippery slope? The next thing you know, people will be wanting to go around with their bodies bare. There are potential problems there! Again, use some common sense. Where are you? Who are you with? Is it appropriate? Under the right circumstances it is quite reasonable. The alternative: concealed arms? I do not think that is necessary. Considering the extreme cold temperature today, along with the wind-chill, I think there is some wisdom in covering them. I personally think we should let people know we have them. And, I do not think anyone would be fooled. My guess is that they know you have them so there is no need to conceal them. I even understand there is an eight-hour class to help people know the legalities of baring ones’ arms. Is that not just a bit of overkill. Judge the weather, judge the setting, and make an informed decision. I am covering mine today when I leave the house. It is cold out there. You might find that useful, too.

I wrote the above reaction/opinion a few weeks ago. It is legal to conceal ones’ arms, in Missouri, without a permit. One can attend training and receive a permit to conceal arms. I am not likely going to attend a class to qualify for a permit. I will exercise my bet judgment, just like i have since I was a small boy. Hot: bare arms. Cold: conceal arms. In between? Now that could present a dilemma.