Artesian well


Hot Springs

I have never been to Hot Springs.

But, I really want to go.

To bask in self-indulgence,

And relax my tense-filled soul.

Yessiree, I want to see,

What good ole Arkansas.

I wish to go to soothe the self

Transcend the troubled now.

Such a trip, it must take place,

So I can relax and how!

My troubles placed upon a shelf.

Suspended in such ease.

That I might go, and there relax,

I can only beg, Oh, please!

My muscles needing kneading.

Spastic, twitches needing spas.

Ah, thoughts of healing waters,

As I sense tension in my jaws.

I could return so tension-free,

With calmness as my guide.

My soul restored, my mind at rest.

For such, my self does plea.

Upon return, I can only guess,

What I would surely feel.

Imagination assuring me,

I would no longer be a mess.

Yes, I am certain as can be,

I would feel so very swell.

I am pretty confident,

I would feel artesian well.

Richard L. Brewer