Hung, blood dripping, from the cross.

Babe Interrupted

Born as a young fair baby
Grew to be a full grown man.
One hundred percent human,
Still, He was the Great I am.

Grew in wisdom and in stature,
And favor with God and man.
Didn’t stay a young fair infant,
Grew to be man’s very sin.

The same lay in a manger,
Hung, blood dripping, from the cross.
To bring to man salvation
To separate silver from dross.

Like Adam, I would flee from
The piercing eye of love.
Yet, God in all His mercy
Persisted to hunt me from above.

Finally I relented, but
Still I protested in my shame
So he fashioned me in covering
With His kindness, love, and Name.

Alas, I’m still relenting
I still hide in many ways
Yet God is more persistent
And he interrupts my days.

Richard L. Brewer