No Disney World


Evan did not wish to go to Disney World for his graduation gift. “I want to see the Aurora Borealis with you dad.” He died before he graduated. He has seen it. I was gifted with a foretaste. I see the colors of the Northern Lights when I close my eyes. Better than Disney.

Better Than Disney

We did not see the Aurora together back when.
I did not understand it then.
I do not understand now.
I know not the rationale or how…
Yet, I find peace in spite.
And, I see the Northern Light.
Some five years ago, the colors came.
What a blessing,
Evan saw the Aurora before I did.
I was given a foretaste.
And, I see in a glass darkly.
We will see the Borealis together—in His timing.
Sounds foolish to some. Maybe many.
I am blessed, the only meaningful option to me.

Richard L. Brewer