Let go of the rope!

cowboy dragged

I enjoyed westerns and still do. On occasion, someone would be tied to a rope and pulled behind a horse. Brutal. What a horrible punishment. I was amazed that anyone could survive such treatment. Amazed, too, that their clothes were not shredded. But, that is Hollywood.

We get dragged by a rope behind the horses of our past. That may be what has happened to us or was perpetrated against us. Or, it may be what we have done or not done, that we continue to torture ourselves for. We subject ourselves to brutal punishment. I am amazed that we survive such treatment. But, we do. I have been dragged and known others who were dragged. Not Hollywood: real life.

The big difference between the two images: In the westerns the victim has a rope tied around his/her wrists (I don’t remember a female being so tortured, but it could happen) and the other end tied around the saddle horn. In regard to being tied to the rope of ones’ past: One end is tied to the saddle horn. The other end? Well, we hang onto it. We need to let go.

What is your rope? What have you suffered and continue to suffer as a result of being dragged behind the punishing past? Healing and hope are possible. But, you have to let go of the rope.