Standing on the outside, looking in.

Not seeing everything.

Yet, seeing some things those inside do not see.

When I am wrong, help me see.

May I humbly accept the error.

Help me confront the wrong.

And offer what is helpful.

And, that, in the spirit of Christ.

Do I see through a glass darkly?

I desire to see face-to-face with Jesus.

Do I see my own reflection?

Do I see my reflection as in a carnival mirror?

Do I see projection in the mirror that reflects neither Christ nor truth.

Help me know when I am wrong in spite of my sincerity.

Help me see where I am an accomplice to oppression:

While thinking I am pointing out the oppression.

Help me accept that I need iron that sharpens iron.

May I not see myself as the lone honing stone.

Oppression. Suppression.

Choice. Compulsion.

Invitation. Repulsion.

Opportunity. Ultimatum.

Good intentions gone awry.

He stands at the door and knocks.

He offers an invitation.

May I do likewise.

May I stand at the door and wait for the door to be opened.

Not pounding and threatening, insisting I be allowed entry.

Lest I lose the trust and confidence from the one I seek to love.

Invitation and not ultimatum.

May I be like the Christ.

May my desire be to dine and learn.

May I not force and impose.

Spirit of sadness. I see in part. It is heavy.

Spirit of cutting. I see in part. It is heavy.

Help me understand them more fully.

The sadness and cutting.

How do I contribute to the sadness?

How do I contribute to the cutting?

Help me see if I am one who cuts.

Help me see the part I play in the oppression.

Help me not to pride myself on my personal piety.

Prevent me from running amok with well-intentioned, but errant ferver.

Help me not preen feathers that need to be humbled.

Christ did not say, My way, or the highway.

He invited and wooed.

He came not to judge.

May I be like Jesus.

Richard L. Brewer

July 18, 2020

“Perspective can change your opinions, but it can never alter truth. Truth remains steadfast and unwavering regardless of spin, manipulation, or culture” (,Perspective%20can%20change%20your%20opinions%2C%20but%20it%20can%20never%20alter,spin%2C%20manipulation%2C%20or%20culture ).