Be Owlish

Be Owlish

Say who?

Who, Who, Who, who.

Who is God.

Who is Jesus.

Who is the Holy Spirit.

who is me.

The first three Who is One WHO.

Only One.

Three in One.

The last who is me.

Who am I in relationship to the Great WHO?

The Great Who: The Great I am.

The Great Who God Who became the Great Who Jesus.

Who lives in the believer as The Great Who Holy Spirit.

Inside this lower-case who resides the WHO.

WHO would have thought it?

Only He.

The Great WHO.

And, the Great WHO did.

The Great WHO invited me, the small case who, to know HIM.

The Great WHO invited who. Yes, who.

who should think about that.

God created. God provided. God did it all.

Then, God invited me. WHO took the initiative.

How utterly incomprehensible.

He wants who to know Him.

Yes, WHO wants who to know Him.

The focus is WHO.

Yes, WHO.

The who can accept or reject the WHO.

The WHO takes the initiative.

The who must respond.

The who does not invite the WHO.

The WHO invites who.

Think about that.

Be owlish.

Richard L. Brewer

September 11, 2020