Asp Hole

I have mentioned my friend who is a major influencer in my decision to do some writing. His name is Mark Tappmeyer. Our friendship dates back to the summer of 1982. He recently shared a poem he had penned. I really liked it and responded with a short paragraph. Mark emailed back with this response: “Richard, whether you know it or not, you’ve written a prose poem–a modern and popular category.  Perhaps one for your blog.” MT

Wow, without knowing what I was doing, I produced a prose poem. He suggested I share it. I requested permission to include his poem that stimulated my prose poem. He willing consented, even giving me permission to include his poem without citing his authorship. Not a chance!

His poem reminded me to the seductive power of temptation. Yes, the serpent is crafty, crafty beyond anything else. Best to stay out of his reach and run if/when he should make an appearance in our garden.

My friend wrote:

The Serpent Advises on Apple Eating
“Now the serpent was more crafty . . . .”
                                             Genesis 3:1
You should know that from a tree in the middle of the garden
hang globes of fruit—like fist-sized worlds. 
You can, without much reach, pluck and munch. 
But that’s just one of several ways to eat the fruit:
two stones, flat and river-washed, can mash
the tiny skulls into a pulp for those who like to slurp,
or each ball of sweetness can be sliced and dried
into a fruity leather for packing as one roams from home,
or, my favorite, dice and bake them into pies
or tarts, which shouldn’t be resisted.
It depends upon your appetite,
which in truth lies-sss behind all apple eating.

                                       MT (empty)

My response:

“Love it!”

“Succulent, seductive tidbits of temptation. All alluring. The asp is apt and able. Temptation threaded through a big hole. Bad noose! Then, the serpent disappears. What an asp-hole.”

Indeed. The asp is a purveyor of propaganda, the asp who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He allures us by appealing to our appetites. Sometimes we did not have the appetite until he enticed.  His temptations, when heeded, lead us through a noose. Then, the asp retreats until another opportune time. God help me to be mindful, discerning, and obedient.