Seemingly Chaotic



Life is complicated. How to comprehend and explain it? Some appeal to karma. Some appeal to fate. Some claim coincidence. Others suggest a providential hand. Nonetheless, most people have some need for understanding. Life is puzzling in many ways, at least for me. Life is not neat and clean. Partial understanding can come in hindsight. But, there can never be complete understanding. M. Scott Peck authored a book entitled: “The Road Less Travelled”. The first line is short, simple, and yet profound. That first line is, “Life is difficult”. As I pondered life, I authored the following poem. I hope it hits a chord in you. I hope it stimulates a bit of pondering. Perhaps it can bring a bit of comfort. Best and blessings to you!

Seemingly Chaotic

Seemingly chaotic.
Yet, choreographed with precision.
The canine circles,
Arranging its laying down place.
Then, to rest in peace.
Perhaps my life is similar,
Though I do not readily perceive.
God prepares my laying down place,
A choreographed master plan.
My laying down, in peace?
Hardly, it seems.
He promises the yoke is easy,
The burden light.
Eternity, the final laying down place,
Now, the seeming chaos,
Amid the choreographed master plan.

Richard L. Brewer

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