Crooked ear

crooked ear“And one of them (Peter) struck the servant (Malchus) of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus said, “No more of this!” And he touched his ear and healed him”: Luke 22:50-51, ESV.

My imagination takes me places. As I read this event, I imagined the scene: Jesus betrayed by Judas, Peter coming to Jesus’ defense, lopping off Malchus’ ear, then Jesus intervening and performing His last miracle. Wowzer. What if the healing left Malchus with a tilted ear? Of what would he be reminded every time he touched it or looked at it in the mirror? Well, here goes my imagination.

Crooked Ear

Malchus shuddered
With pain and fear.

When in the garden
He lost an ear.

Peter lopped it with his sword
By Jesus’ touch, it was restored.

Jesus plucked it from the sand and dirt
Relieved was Malchus of his hurt.

A vivid memory Christ did plant
When He fixed the ear, but with a slant.

So, every time, when in a mirror he looked
Malchus saw that his ear was crooked.

Reminded him always, of that very event;
And, that Christ was the Savior, Who God had sent.

At first a tragedy, or so it seemed
But it led Malchus to be redeemed.

Richard L. Brewer

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