Superb Cowboy


Once again, I found myself engaged in imagination. No, Jesus was not a cowboy. But, I am confident He did not look like most pictures portray Him. He was not a Fabio type. He was “a man who learned obedience through suffering”, Hebrews: 5:8 and “A man of sorrows acquainted with grief”, Isaiah 53:3. Why? Because of His assigned role from before the creation of the world: to become the redeemer for us who had been separated from God. He became sin for us. He went out into, and got dirty as he walked in, the cesspool of the world so to rescue those in the cesspool. I am one of those. You are, too. No one is exempt from the cesspool. He came to redeem. If he draws, John 6: 44, 65, respond. He got down and dirty to seek and save those who are lost. That means everyone. Anyway, my imagination created the following:

Superb Cowboy


Boulders, Cacti, Sand, Dust.

Cow patties. Bellows. Snorted mucus.

Chaps. Boots. One hat.

Simple meals of beans and hash.

No nice place to lay my head.

Roundin’ up cattle.

Tamin’ doggies.

Bringin’ in the herd.

Kinda like Jesus.

But, His charges were sheep.

He, too, dealt with the dung, baas, and snot.

His meals were simple.

He shared with others and had bounty.

He rounded up errant sheep.

He brought in the flock.

He said foxes have holes.

And the birds have nests.

But, the Son of man had nowhere to lay His head.

No fancy dwellings, but the harshness of life.

Jesus would have made a superb cowboy!


Richard L. Brewer 02/27/2013








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