Openly disobedient.
Telling you no.
Each time easier.
Sensitivity diminished.
Time after time disobedient.

Pressing against my spirit.
Responding to my rebellion.
Openly loving me.
Telling me “it was for you Christ died”.
Each time chipping against my will.
Sensitivity challenged.
Time after time You patiently call.

Pardoning my rebellion.
Restoring my soul.
Openly accepting me.
Treating me like a prodigal son.
Each time reminding me of His love.
Sensitivity displayed.
Time to respect, to respond to His call.

Penitent at His prompting.
Recognizing my sin.
Obedience is what He desires.
Time and time again, He woos and restores.
Even when I am disobedient, He cannot disown His own.
Sin does not have to reign.
Temptation tantalizes, but a way of escape promised.

Richard L. Brewer