How Tall? How Long?



How many stories?

I have many stories.
I have lived in each story.
Some I should not have built.
Some I should not have written.
In some I should have stayed longer.
Some should have been longer.
Some were very good.
Some were not so very good.
Some were bad.
Some were very bad.

Not exactly a skyscraper.
Not exactly a tome.
But, rising to the sky.
And, already inked.
How tall will it go?
How many chapters?
How tall should it go?
How solid will it stand?
How solid is the bibliography?

It depends upon the quality of the foundation.
It depends upon the quality of the thesis.
On what or whom is it built?
Who is the ultimate editor?
He will keep the light on for me.
He controls the margins.

A pent house in the sky not made by human hands.
The final manuscript fused with grace.
Better when the Master Builder is in charge.
Better when the Word directs the writing.
I meddle.

Richard L. Brewer