Refiner, Refinder



Refiner, Refined, Refinder, Refinded

The refiner knows when the precious metal has been purified.
The refiner sees his/her reflection in the precious element.
The Refiner of men and women knows when they have been purified.
The Refiner sees His reflection, in them, the precious elements.
The refined become tarnished.
The refined may become lost, but not unrefined.
The refined do not need to re-refined.
The refiner leaves the ninety and nine to search for the lost refined.
The refiner does this any and every time the refined wander.
The refined may need to be found and re-found.
But not re-refined.
The refiner is merciful.
The refiner is faithful to forgive confessed sins and cleanse the refined from all unrighteousness.
The refined and refound are precious in His sight and worthy of His effort.
The refiner seeks and saves those who stray and restores those who have lost their way.
The refiner sought for Adam, even though He knew where Adam, only thought, he was hidden.
The refiner asked, “Adam, where are you”, not for His need, but for Adam’s.
The refiner seeks and calls my name, not for His purpose, but for mine.
The refiner/ refinder, seeks for those who need to be refinded.
Thank God from Whom all blessings flow!
Richard L. Brewer

Revised 08/17/2018