The recent news about sexual abuse against children is significantly disturbing. The Catholic Church does not have a “corner” on this terrible perpetration against children. Denominations of all ilk and sort have their perps. As a practicing psychologist, I have provided counsel to several who have been violated in unspeakable ways. The church and the clergy should be safe and sacred. That is not always the case. Every single element and fiber of one’s being is harmed when so abused. Physical, emotional, relational, cognitive, spiritual: all are impacted. More than one of the “survivors” of the abuse were victimized during scheduled church meeting times. I always cringe when I see a youngster leave a “service” alone. Some I know were abused during what seemed to be a safe “potty break”. Accompany your children, even in church. Urge others to do so, too.

I wrote the following after an earlier focus on abuse by clergy. Perpetrators ” plot and plan”. Perpetrators can appear very caring, charismatic, and pious. Some have been described as the “best we have ever had and can preach like no one we have ever heard”. Wolves can, and do, appear in sheep’s clothing. Asking for forgiveness is insufficient. The cancer must be removed. Ignoring, transferring, failing to warn is a form of collusion.

“If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea” Matthew 18:6, GNT.


Pontificating piety.
Practicing pedophilia.
Perpetrating pain.
Priestly pretenders.
Parishioners praying.
Packed in pews.
Pederast priest.
Picking, planning.
Ploys and plots.
Purposely piping
Penitent petitions.
Patches of palm
Parading , playing
Pliant pray-ers.
Platitudes of Pentecost.
Pitching plans.
Plotter pinched,
Pleading “no penalty”.
Protesting potently.
Platitudes of penance.
Penitent praying?
Poised to perpetrate!
Penchant for paining.
Purposed proclivity.
Pardoned? Pitiful!

Richard L. Brewer

A pedophile is sexually attracted to children.
A pederast has sex with children.