I recently came across this video. It is thought-provoking and challenging. I have been “steeped” in believing in God since I was a wee bundle of DNA. So, Atheism has never been an option for me. As far as my feeble mind is able to function, it seems to make more sense to profess Gnosticism than Atheism.

There are those who have spent their lifetimes seeking to “prove” the existence or non-existence of God. Each position requires faith. I believe in God. That is where I place my faith. Not only does it make sense, but it provides for values, morals, purpose, and relationship.

Relationship is not very neat. It is messy. My relationship with God has been messy. He has not been messy. I am the one with the limitations. As such, I have had my crises. I have doubted and questioned. I have been contentious with God. If He is omniscient I would have been the one who lost if I had not been honest. He was patient and loved me. Amazing. I would have turned myself into a grease spot. To be honest, I was afraid He would and angry that He did not. He loved me instead. Truly amazing!

Remember, He asked Adam where he was for Adam’s benefit, not His. God knew where Adam was and what Adam had done. God wanted Adam to know where Adam was. God provided and has ever since. I cannot fathom seeking to go it alone and to conclude all is nothing more than random occurrence.