Shadows: we cannot outrun them.

No matter how fast we run, we cannot outrun our shadow. Yet, we tend to try to do so. We expend a tremendous amount of energy. We grow weary. We may cover a lot of ground. But, the shadow is still right there. How can we effectively deal with the shadow? Embrace it. Own it. How do we embrace the shadow? Be honest about it. Recognize it. Feel it. Deal with it. Work through it. It will not go away. The shadow, undealt with, steals energy and life. To embrace the shadow is not just to accept it. To work through it is great gain. The shadow, dealt with, can be a source of shade. It is good to experience the shade of the shadow instead of running from its phantom power. I am reminded of a video I watched of a dog seeking to drink from the shadow of the real stream of water. Energy spent. No satisfying of the thirst. An apt illustration!

The only way not to cast a shadow is to be directly under the Son. He takes the heat. He embraced and embraces all our shadows. He provides the shade.