“If then”, then that–guaranteed.
“If only”, unchangeable.
Much time ruing “if only”.
“If only” is the response to regret or remorse.
Too much time spent on “if only”.
“If only” doesn’t have to be wasted.
“If only” doesn’t have to be fruitless.
Experience had is experience gained.
Maybe dire consequences.
But, newness is promised.
Hard to comprehend, but “if only” can be a fresh start every time.
I John 1:9.
Not to embrace forgiveness and cleansing is to disbelieve God.
Or, to hold to higher standards than God’s.
From ALL unrighteousness.
God. Unfathomable.
God. Merciful and gracious.
Over and over again.
Help me to embrace but not to abuse.
Jesus stated: If you love Me, then you will keep my commandments.
Jesus stated: My commandments are not burdensome.
If love, then obedience.
If no love “If then” is haunting.
“If only”. “If then”.
Both have value.
“If only” is redeemable because of love.
Richard L. Brewer

Rue: bitterly regret.