I will continue…

I entitled my blog Mediocre Meanderings. As such, I do not claim credentials that qualify me as an expert in everything I write about. Thus, I invite you to consider my meanderings with a “grain of salt” or dismiss them entirely if you wish. Yet, I hope the blogs stimulate some thinking, reflection, and even growth.

I have been a student of the bible and psychology. I have devoted the better part of my life to teaching the subject and practicing the profession. One of my passions has been how the bible, faith, and psychology fit together. My faith and psychology have informed and influenced the other. I am grateful for the journey and for what I have learned. Some would talk of “integration” of faith and psychology. I prefer to use “infusion” of faith and discipline. My meanderings reflect that understanding and preference.

I remember being sternly warned against majoring in psychology. I was told it was incompatible with being a Christian. I was told it would be like playing in the Devil’s backyard. I am convinced that I was “called” and “led” into psychology. If you knew my story, you might even conclude I was dragged into it.

Any field or discipline can be dangerous. Even the pursuit of religion can be very dangerous. Many have been damaged by the toxic application of psychology. Many have been damaged by the toxic application of faith/theology. I have worked with people damaged by both. My prayer is that I represent both faith and psychology with honor and integrity.

Let me start with this maxim: All truth is God’s truth, no matter where you find it. Moses told the Israelites to “plunder the Egyptians” (Exodus 3:22). He meant they were to take what was useful as they departed the nation of Egypt and entered the wilderness. I have enjoyed “plundering” the nation of psychology. God uses peoples, things, and experiences to accomplish His will. He even used an ass owned by Balaam to communicate truth (Numbers 22:21-39). I figure that if God can use Balaam’s ass to speak truth, then he can use me, too.

I ended my previous blog with “I will continue” my discussion of psychological suffering. And, so I will. Let me begin by saying that emotions/feelings are a part of God’s creation plan. Even God experiences and expresses emotions. He is a God of love. He experiences and expresses love in numerous ways. He experiences jealousy and anger. He is described as experiencing regret. How do we wrap our understanding around that? I plan to share some of my understandings and conclusions.