More on psychological suffering

Back to psychological suffering. What is the difference between psychological and spiritual? Can one be psychologically healthy and spiritually heathy? Can one be spiritually healthy and psychologically unhealthy? Does healthiness in one area necessitate healthiness in the other? I remember being challenged with those questions in psychology classes while in graduate school at Wheaton College. I am still pondering those questions.

Let me borrow from:

“Ultimately, psychology and spirituality do not need to be distinct, but it can be helpful to make distinctions between them in order to understand the primary function of each in relation to the other. We can then discover how these approaches complement and support one another, together forming a more complete approach to human understanding than either one alone can provide.”

I include the web citations for a place to start. I neither fully embrace, nor disagree with the quote. Like a recipe, fuse the ingredients and you get something more/different/other than the sum of the parts, Food for thought as I venture into my discussions.