Preoccupied with buts


Preoccupied with buts

But can undo and but can do.
One erases the other embraces.
I can tell my story and dismiss it all.
I can tell my story and envision a call.
Such as: “I am sorry but…” and I excuse all I did.
Or, any other such erasure.

Quite the skill of undoing.

Oh, to embrace the better but.
“I am sorry but I will apologize and change.”
Or, “I was wrong, but I choose to learn and grow.”

It is all in the use of the but.

I can be preoccupied with buts, as is true for many people I have known.
I can sit on my but.
Or, I can get off my but and use a better but.
The but to do better versus the but to excuse.
The but to embrace rather than the but to erase.

I want to be preoccupied with the better buts.

Richard L. Brewer