Friday Breakfasts


Friday mornings

Brenda’s for breakfast.
Biscuits and gravy.
Sunrise Special, eggs over easy and whole wheat toast.
Pancakes and butter pecan syrup.
Three eggs for one, the yolks to be rejected.
Coffee for one, black and endless cup.
Hot cocoa with marshmallows and added creamers for the other.
The food and drink are good. The conversation better.
Now just memories: Retirement interrupted. Moves separated.
The reminiscences real and remarkably clear.
Perhaps like world war veterans there will be reunions.
Sweet savoring always.
Not just passed, but very much present.
Also future.
Thank God for my friend.
Joy and ache. Celebration and grief.
The ultimate reunion on the other side of this time sliver.
And, the Redeemer will be the one to break bread.