Sting of Death

I was recently informed of the death of three friends. I felt a sting and pondered. Disquieting. Uncomfortable. Once they were and no longer are. A lot to consider. Out spilled the following. The stinger will come for us all.

Stinger, Beam Me Up!

Dead and gone.

Gone and alive.

More alive that formerly.

Never to die again.

Not to be seen again on this side.

Reunited at some point. 

Better life?

Won’t have to ask.

Will know by experience.

Sting is on this side.

Heaven better than epi-pen.

I wonder if those in heaven regret having lived so long on this side.

Sting me up, if that be the case.

Looking for Scotty. Nothing grim about that crew member.

In the blink of an eye.

Dead, but not gone.

More alive than ever before.

With no need to gloat to those left on this side.

Envy and hesitancy.

Not forever. 

Waiting for the stinger.