Tender Juices

Stewed, but not Tender 

Tender juices.  

What be they? 

Juices are just juices. 

Tender needs texture. 

No wonder he asked, 

“Dad, what are tender juices?” 

Dad chuckled and cleared up the mystery. 

“Intended uses” was his reply. 

What was the context, you might ask. 

A rote mealtime blessing. 

Part of which went like this:  

“Bless this food to its intended uses”. 

No wonder he was puzzled. 

I am glad he asked.  

I don’t think I would have asked.  

I would have been perpetually puzzled. 

Or, I would have drawn conclusions in my mind. 

None likely anywhere near accurate. 

Thank you, Steve, for asking the question. 

I think of that on occasion. 

I wonder…. 

“How much I have concluded based upon my ‘mishearing’?” 

I wonder… 

“How much of that I do in regard to my faith and theology?” 

What have I foreclosed on? 

What convictions without substance? 

Misunderstanding can be dangerous. 

Misunderstood, or created, can become gospel fact. 

Yet, I read that no scripture is for private interpretation. 

How much do I violate that? 

By mishearing, misunderstanding, or biased interpretation. 

Thank God for His promptings to ask questions. 

Thank God for His tenderness. 

I have more asking to do. 

Thanks, Steve, for the lesson. 

I could easily stew in my own juices. 

And never tenderized.